Divine Arts Techno Media

Divine Arts Techno Media, developer of Shlokapp, is an organization committed to learning of immortal words of various divine texts in form of Shlokas, Sutras, Abhangs, Aartis, Bhajans, etc.

Learning these divine texts helps in the areas of spirituality, health, creativity, personal growth and provides inspiration for a more meaningful life and real-world solutions to humanity's biggest challenges.

Shlokapp is using art and media; blending it beautifully with technology to positively motivate all; especially children to learn divine texts like Shlokas, etc.

It exists to learn and celebrate the greatest of Human knowledge and experience encapsulated in the divine words and to place it before the largest possible audience.

Coolest Features of Our Apps

Shlokapp Feature :: Beautiful Animation Beautiful Animation
ShlokApp Feature :: Multilingual Script Multilingual Script
ShlokApp Feature :: Fun while Learn Concept Fun while Learn Concept

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